Team up with 3 other survivors and take on the zombie menace together in PVE Co-op Horde mode against masses of zombies. Or take the fight to other players in the three-team “PvPvPvE” Scavenger mode, where you’ll battle it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition, and blast through hordes of zombies.

Key features

  • Hundreds of insane weapons crafted with what you have at hand! Acquire blueprints and mods for weapons and collect materials to craft them to create your very own weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse!
  • The only thing more dangerous than zombies are the other survivors. Battle against 2 other teams on supply runs over the island!
  • Featuring many different types of zombie enemies, both new and old, from the unique Dead Island Paradise meets hell setting.
  • Visually and thematically we’re fun, humorous, and lighthearted - bringing a fresh style to the MOBA genre